Sofakartoflen i Danmark

This brochure was created in the summer semester of 2021, as part of the seminar “Fundamentals of Typography” with M. Des. Fritz Grögel. Under the theme “Europe, Europe!” we had the task of choosing a European country to which we‘d like to travel and creating a small brochure or a personal portrait of the country with pictures and text.

SUBMISSION 29.08.2021


What is it about?

We were given an InDesign template to fill in ourselves and had various typographic themes to choose from. Mandatory contents were “staging”, “linear reading”, cover, list of sources, imprint and a part about a graphic designer or a type designer. For my brochure, I also decided on “consultative reading”, an “interview” and an “infographic”. Since we had to design this brochure during the corona pandemic, the communication was mostly online via Zoom meetings. Here we showed our current status, exchanged ideas and got new suggestions. This circumstance also inspired my title “Sofakartoflen i Danmark” – an expression I discovered during my research in a Danish article – English “Couch potatoes in Denmark”, because travelling wasn‘t a good idea at that time and we could only explore our countries from a distance.



After we started staging together, we later only worked on our own content. I worked on the “linear reading” and the “infographic” at the same time, quite early on I settled on the colour scheme of the Danish flag. Other colours mostly flow in through the images and the icons of the infographic. Besides some mock-ups, I’ve also included the PDF here, so feel free to browse through!


Result, conclusion?

The result is a small brochure, stitched with thread knot stitching, which I didn’t dare to make myself – although I practised diligently on small notebooks beforehand. In the end, the brochure was printed and I gave a short presentation of my work. I particularly like the infographic and the pages “for foodies”. The fairy tale in flat type, an ambitious project, was a lot of work, but could definitely be improved further. In some places I could still be more specific in typography and mark-up, and the layout is sometimes still not so ideal. So, all in all, I’m quite satisfied, but I still see potential for improvement.