Floreo, an imaginary nursery with café, was created as part of the “Druckreif!” seminar at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

In the seminar by Dipl.-Ing. Kirsten Rudgalwis, in addition to the given products “business card”, “letterhead”, “invitation card” and “flyer”, there was the opportunity to design your own free product and then bring it to life through printing. Here I made life difficult for myself – as I was to learn later – because the idea of a “seed Toblerone” had taken hold of me. The individual chambers were to be filled with bee-friendly seeds for a bee pasture at home (or wherever!) and then simply separated for planting.

Despite meticulous planning and building a dummy, my finished piece ended up with a noticeable gap and made me almost despair of folding, pleating and gluing. I handed in the original for review and haven’t felt ready to tackle the whole process again yet, so as a placeholder here is only the sketch/dummy of my product at the moment. Even though I’m not 100% satisfied, the seminar gave me the opportunity to experiment extensively with unusual shapes and fancy details.