With Isblink, I opted for a clear ideal: Pure naturalness! The very sustainable company, from offices with green electricity to environmentally friendly glass bottles and cardboard labels, offers pristine fine glacier spring water.

Once I had roughly mapped out where I wanted to position myself with my water brand, I thought one step further. I started working on a unique selling point and finally decided on the glacier. The glacier also appears in the logo and is also used as a key visual on the business cards, the website and the advertising posters. I chose suitable colours that support the cool, natural impression and used them again in the presentation and advertising materials. After a lot of sketches, I decided on a variant and realised the logo. For the other components I followed a similar pattern, while always keeping in mind what my water is all about.


At times it was difficult to reconcile the ongoing lessons and the project. Sometimes I thought I was done with one aspect, but then the information from the lessons gave me new perspectives and I had to reorganise again – thanks to flexible organisation and lots of lists, I was able to keep track of everything. In the end, I was really surprised about how much is possible with just water – and what is necessary. I had the demand on myself to create a brand that was as sustainable as possible, where neither nature nor living creatures were harmed. There were various aspects to consider that would never have occurred to me before, but which can still make a big difference. It was interesting to design and build a brand from scratch.


We prepared for the project throughout the school year. The teachers of the respective subjects regularly provided us with background knowledge and tips and tricks. In economics, for example, we wrote a competition analysis and learned a lot about different water brands and their strategies. The project went on practically throughout the entire upper school, right up to the exams. At the end, there was the big “sales presentation” in front of a teacher jury.
With the “water project”, I dived deep into the field of marketing and got to know completely new sides of a successful product design. I still like the result today, because it forms a coherent concept. Of course, it has some weak points and not everything is equally successful, but nevertheless I am very satisfied to this day. At the end of the final presentation, one of my teachers said I looked radiant and so natural. That describes well how I felt. For so long, for months, working on a single project and learning all the features and details inside out. I was looking forward to finally being able to present what I had worked hard on.

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